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"Sweets" from France
No girl is not able to resist the temptation of sweets! This French pastry «Laduree» already found. Now they have decided to take up the second female weakness and  Developed an incredibly beautiful collection of decorative cosmetics! Everything in its traditional  Style - delicate pattern, pastel colors, the French Empire. Amazing  Boxes and bottles are decorated with cameos Marie Antoinette and lace ornaments.   «Laduree» We have done everything possible to stand out. Where else can you find a blush in the form < rose petals, or in the form of luxurious Faberge eggs? Seeing them, you will not be able < pass by!   Unfortunately, to get such a beauty is not so easy, because in  Conventional beauty-shop it is not sold. Branded products «Les  Merveilleuses de Laduree »first appeared in Japan, followed by the United States, some  European and Asian countries. To buy today for something from  «Les Merveilleuses» collection, you can take the next plane to France <  Or order from me! Enjoy traveling and shopping!      
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Hakarl (hákarl, ISL. Hákarl) How to do it? Shark meat is cut into small pieces, buried in the ground and give lay for 4-6 weeks, until it is rotten to the condition. After digging delicacy scent released add-on, effortlessly propels all life within a radius of several meters (perfect remedy for cockroaches !), And knocks out a mean cook Nordic tear. After digestion the meat is hung in a well ventilated area and kept so still 2-4 months, until a delicious crust. After that, the crust is cut to legkorezhuscheysya yellowish mass. Here is this mass is hakarl. After all the above procedures, the meat acquires a mouthwatering sight and smell, and is ready for use. An additional processing such as roasting or mild Serving vegetables , was using optional.