Hakarl (hákarl, ISL. Hákarl) How to do it?

Shark meat is cut into small pieces, buried in the ground and give lay for 4-6 weeks, until it is rotten to the condition. After digging delicacy scent released add-on, effortlessly propels all life within a radius of several meters (perfect remedy for cockroaches !), And knocks out a mean cook Nordic tear. After digestion the meat is hung in a well ventilated area and kept so still 2-4 months, until a delicious crust. After that, the crust is cut to legkorezhuscheysya yellowish mass. Here is this mass is hakarl. After all the above procedures, the meat acquires a mouthwatering sight and smell, and is ready for use. An additional processing such as roasting or mild Serving vegetables , was using optional.