Travel usefully

You often travel abroad: business trips, holiday home?

Why now do not mix business with pleasure and not to capitalize on this little money? In this case, improving your karma with good works!

Probably everyone at least once in his life faced with a situation where personal delivery is impossible or too expensive.

So someone needs to urgently pass the parcel to another country, and someone just wants the unique thing of the distant edges.

And it is necessary, you just eat where you want!

If your work involves frequent travel - option 100% yours!

Truckers, intercity bus drivers, flight attendants, conductors and even private carriers will be able to find yourself in this wonderful opportunity a small part-time job.

In addition, you can meet new people!

The question arises: what exactly you may need to bring?

Quite simply, that is not forbidden by law!

A variety of souvenirs and gifts, wardrobe items and interior design, equipment, exotic delicacies, and sometimes even documents and animals!

For his courier services do not necessarily take it money. Sometimes it is much more pleasant to be treated with homemade cakes, stroll around the city with a private guide, or simply quickly and get home without any problems.

The main thing - is that you are doing good work, and the world becomes a little brighter!

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